Remodelling or redesigning your existing jewellery or heirloom pieces is something that we are passionate about. Your stories and attachments to your pieces provide us with the inspiration to reimagine your jewellery and transform them into items of not only beauty but sentimental significance.

If you would like to see an amazing transformation that we recently completed for a client, please join us below as we take you through the transformation process.


The initial meeting:

Woman in video call using a laptop

Our jeweller will meet with you in person or via a virtual consultation (whichever is more appropriate for you). In this meeting, we take the time to get to know you and understand what you would like to achieve in your new piece.

We also view your existing jewellery and make a general assessment on how we can incorporate your existing pieces into a new piece which symbolizes who you are.

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The design process:

Using cutting-edge technology, we bring your piece to life through incorporating the most important elements of your design into stunning 3D images. This will allow you to visualise your piece as it moves through the design process. During this process, we encourage a flowing of ideas to ensure that you receive a piece that is truly unique to you.

Once your design has been finalised, you will receive a high resolution 3D video, allowing you to enjoy the final design -- a combination of the past the present and the future.

The creation stage:

Before our team starts working on your existing jewellery, it is photographed so that you will always have a memory of where your piece originated.

Vintage gold ring with diamond

The creation process is often described as magical; however at Australis Jewels, it is never a mystery as we provide you with regular updates as your piece progresses through the various stages of creation.

The final stage:

Once our craftsmen and women have completed the creation stage of your piece, our director meticulously inspects every element of your new custom piece of jewellery to ensure that it can truly be called an Australis Jewel.

Once your new jewellery piece has been fully inspected, you will receive a high resolution video of your completed piece -- a beautiful way for you to enjoy and share the newest symbol of your memories.


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