Australis Jewels is a family owned and operated jewellery house run by a husband and wife team since its establishment in 2019.

We are located in Far Northern Queensland which provides us with unparalleled access to the Central Queensland Sapphire, Opal, and Gold fields. Through our proximity to these rich mineral deposits, we have established a world-class network of miners and gem cutters, which enables us to source exceptional material for your jewellery.

Meet Wayne

We’d like to introduce you to your personal jeweller who is also our Director: Wayne was born in South Africa -- a land rich with gems, where he developed an interest in the wonders of gemstones and precious metals.

When his family returned to Australia, the interest turned to fascination and, as you can see, he started the hunt for fine gemstones at a young age.

Fast forward 30 years and he is still looking for that perfect gemstone -- only now it is for your jewellery.

Wayne has been awarded a number of accreditations: trade jeweller in Australia and the prestigious AJP post nominals from the Gemmological Institute of America, the world’s largest gemmological laboratory.

Each Australis Jewel is personally inspected by Wayne throughout its creation process to ensure it meets Australis Jewels’ exceptional standards of quality.

Meet Darlene

The other half of this husband and wife duo is Darlene: our graphic designer, videographer and CAD designer. She is responsible for the stunning imagery you see on our website, social media outlets, and in your personal progress updates.

What we believe in

Australis Jewels is a 100% Australian owned and operated business that strongly believes in supporting local Australian craftsmen and women. Because of this a number of our key pieces are finished in Australia by our passionate network of professional jewellers, gem cutters, gem setters, engravers, and miners. Having our team in Australia allows us to create pieces of exceptional quality as we have full control of our creation process.

Technology is in our DNA

Australis Jewels is always at the forefront of technological developments within the jewellery industry. That is why we use computer-aided design (CAD) to develop all of our pieces. This revolutionary software allows us to create jewellery of exceptional beauty with unparalleled precision.

CAD design ring

Another major advancement we have adopted across our collections is Lab-Created Diamonds, which are chemically and optically exactly the same as earth-mined diamonds. We have written an informative blog on Lab-Created Diamonds so that you can experience and understand the true future of diamonds.

This amazing development has allowed our clients to experience diamonds of previously unobtainable quality at a fraction of the investment required for an earth-mined diamond.

The comparison video below clearly shows the quality difference between an earth-mined diamond and a Lab-Created diamond of the same size and retail price. With a Lab-Created diamond, you will receive a diamond of superior Clarity and Colour for your financial investment.


Why Australis Jewels?

The Australis Jewels difference is that you will receive personalised one-on-one service between yourself and Wayne. He will guide you through the creation process to ensure you are informed and receive the perfect Australis Jewel for your special occasion.

Through years of delivering jewellery of beauty, we have developed a deep understanding and respect of the commitment required to create your jewellery in a professional manner.

Diamond tourmaline and gold ring

We hope to be of service when you next consider that special piece of jewellery -- an occasion perhaps when only an Australis Jewel will do. Do explore our range, we hope you will love it!