Emerald Cut Eternity Engagement Ring: Diamonds and 14ct Gold


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Lab Created Diamonds, 14ct Gold

Proposing to the person you love is a moment filled with hope and excitement, and the ultimate way to show your feelings is with a unique emerald cut diamond ring.

This Emerald Cut Halo Eternity engagement ring shimmers with Lab Created Diamonds of exceptional quality, available in 14ct rose gold, yellow gold and white gold options.


This item is made-to-order and requires at least 30 business days to ship.

If your size is not available, please contact us.

Warranty details

1ct or 0.70ct Lab-Created Diamond VS F-H, accented with 0.60ct Lab-Created Diamonds, VS F+; 14ct Gold

Australis Jewels is an Australian jewellery house based in Queensland, each of our pieces is made-to-order to your requirements so you can confidently know that you will receive the perfect diamond engagement ring for your special occasion. If you would like you’re piece customized please feel free to book a virtual consultation with us.

Australis Jewels believes in embracing technological advances such as Lab-Created diamonds so that our clients can receive diamonds of exceptional quality for their special occasions. Lab-Created diamonds have been so widely accepted that the biggest names on the red carpet have embraced their brilliance. From Lady Gaga to the Duchess of Sussex, Meghan Markle and even Emma Watson are all wearers of Lab-Created diamonds. You can learn more about our Lab-Created diamonds.

Keeping your diamond jewellery looking fantastic and in good order is an important part of owning your special pieces. While diamonds are incredibly durable they do require a little bit of love and attention from Australis Jewels at least once a year. This will ensure that your diamonds are secure in their settings and that your ring looks like new. In-between these visits you can care for your diamond jewellery by cleaning it with a soft brush in warm soapy water.

Finding your ring size or your partner's ring size is an exciting time! It means you've decided to select the perfect ring for your special event or celebration.

We’ve made finding your ring size simple and easy. Simply print our Ring Size Guide and ensure that the following have been set:

  • Scaling is set to “off” or “none”
  • Page size is set to “actual size” or “100%” in the print dialog box

If you are a little unsure of how to complete the above instructions, our video guide will take you through every step with easy to understand directions.

Now that you’ve gotten your page printed out, you’ll need the following items:

  • A ruler with either mm or inches (either will do)
  • A ring that comfortably fits the finger you’d like your new ring to fit onto

Step 1:

Using your ruler, measure the 1inch or 30mm bar on the page you’ve printed. It is very important that the length measures either 1inch or 30mm. This is to ensure that your page has been printed correctly.

Step 2:

Take the ring you’ve selected of the appropriate size and place it over the circles on your printed page. Each circle represents a different ring size.

What you are trying to achieve is to match the inner diameter of your ring to a circle on the printed page. On an accurate match, you will just be able to see the printed circle underneath your ring.

Once you have matched your ring with the appropriate sizing circle, we would encourage you to watch our video guide to confirm that you’ve taken an accurate measurement.

If you are a little bit unsure of your results, please don’t hesitate to contact us, we are here to make sure you have a fun and easy experience when purchasing your ring.

Don’t have a ring of the appropriate size to measure? That is not a problem at all. Simply contact us and we will assist you in finding your ring size.

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