The Journey of Creation with Australis Jewels

When selecting an Australis Jewel for your diamond engagement ring, you are embarking on a journey of creation with us. We’d like to share this journey with you so that you can enjoy and understand how we create our pieces.

1. Select Your Engagement Ring Style

Selecting the perfect engagement ring may seem like a daunting task; however, when you break it down into a few simple steps, it turns into a lot of fun! Let’s take a look at the 4 popular engagement ring styles.

A vintage style engagement ring is one that draws its inspiration from historical designs. Often, this style features a central diamond with subtle embellishments such as scroll work. It will also normally use accent diamonds in a modest way. Selecting rose or yellow gold with a vintage style will enhance that feeling of age; however, if you’d like a little twist you can select white gold, which will give it a modern touch. A great example of a vintage style ring is our Emerald Cut Vintage Engagement Ring.

Diamond and Gold Vintage Engagement Ring

A traditional solitaire engagement ring is the height of subtle elegance; this design places all of the focus on the central diamond. In this style, the central diamond is generally a round or oval cut, as these shapes and cuts allow the diamond to dazzle you with its brilliance. Because of the subtlety of this design, it will look fantastic in white, rose or yellow gold. View our Traditional Round Solitaire Engagement Ring.

 Diamond and Gold Solitaire Engagement Ring

A classic engagement ring is an engagement ring which has been recognised as a symbol of love and beauty for many generations. It often features a central diamond with or without accent diamonds, set on a clean band. An excellent example of this design is our Oval Three-Stone Engagement Ring. This design looks stunning in either rose, white or yellow gold.

 Diamond and Gold Three-Stone Engagement Ring

A modern engagement ring this is an engagement ring which embraces all the opulence that diamonds and gold symbolize. An incredible example of this is our Marquise Halo Engagement Ring. Dazzling in yellow gold, brilliant in white gold, or classy in rose gold -- this design leaves the choice up to you.

Diamond and Gold Halo Engagement Ring

2. Customise Your Engagement Ring Design

The entire Australis Jewels diamond engagement ring collection can be customised to your requirements. A few of the most popular customisations are:

  • Engraving of initials or special messages on the inside of the band
  • Adding coloured gemstones to the design
  • Adding more diamonds or upsizing the accent diamonds

If you would like to discuss a customised engagement ring, feel free to contact us or alternatively, to book a virtual consultation with us.

A virtual consultation provides you with a one-on-one meeting with the director of Australis Jewels, ensuring that your diamond engagement ring receives the highest levels of attention. This is a great opportunity for you to express your ideas and ask any questions you may have about selecting a custom engagement ring.

Do you know your ring size? If not, now would be the perfect time to head over to our ring size guide. This handy tool will help you to easily find your ring size.

3. Select Your Diamond

After you have selected your engagement ring design and provided us with your ring size, we start the next step of your journey -- reviewing diamonds from our worldwide diamond network that will perfectly match your engagement ring.

Australis Jewels only uses diamonds that are ethically sourced and also meet our strict criteria for Carat, Colour, Clarity and Cut. Because of this, we exclusively use lab-created diamonds in our engagement rings. Our lab-created diamond engagement rings are delivered with a primary diamond certification from the world's leading gemmological laboratories. Each certificate is numbered and stored within the laboratories' databases to ensure that your diamond can be easily identified.

Lab-Created Diamond Certificate

Once we have selected three potential diamonds, we present them to you digitally for review.

You will be able to view the diamonds in close up HD video as well as inspect their certification. We only select diamonds that are provided with certification from the world’s leading laboratories so that you receive piece of mind in your purchase.

Once we receive your selected diamond in our studio, we will provide you with a HD video of your diamond so that you can share the process with your family and friends. The arrival and videoing of your diamond will normally require two weeks.

4. See Your Engagement Ring Design Come to Life

Your journey now moves into the creation stages, where our craftsmen and women start the process of bringing your design to life. We use modern technology to ensure accuracy and attention to detail well beyond what historically could be achieved.

CAD Design of Engagement Ring

Each element of your design is customised to fit perfectly with your selected diamond to ensure that you receive an engagement ring of exceptional quality.

Once we have completed the gold element of your engagement ring, we start the process of setting your accent diamonds.

Diamond Setting into Engagement Ring

Now that your gold setting is completed and your accent diamonds are set in place, we then provide you with a HD progress video. To achieve this level of completion will take approximately 3 weeks from the arrival of your diamond.

Your journey of creation is almost complete; your diamond engagement ring is now presented to our master diamond setter for the heart of your ring to be set. A master setter is a craftsperson of exceptional skill having mastered key elements of their craft. Your diamond will be studied and then perfectly positioned to ensure the best possible brilliance is achieved.

Jeweller Setting Big Diamond

With the heart of your engagement ring set in place, we present you with your final HD video displaying the incredible beauty of a piece that is truly unique to you.

Your diamond engagement ring is then carefully and securely packaged with your certification and sent via our specialised freight service to your nominated address.

Australis Jewels presentation box

Your symbol of love and commitment is ready for that special moment, that perfect gap in time when you will ask the question we all hope to hear “Will you marry me?"


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